With nearly 30 years of experience and two Emmys at the national broadcast level, TM Broadcasting, Inc. draws upon the professional talents of independent crew members all over the United States. We have a long list of directors, producers, camera operators, audio technicians, video technicians, instant replay technicians, fiber optic technicians, production management professionals, lighting technicians, and designers to provide a custom solution for any broadcast or corporate production.

We have an extensive nationwide database of freelance TV production crew members that we can assemble to help you with your production. Including TV mobile unit companies, satellite uplink companies, broadcast equipment rental companies, specialized equipment rental packages like RF video, RF audio, large fiber optic packages, and internet streaming, We have relationships at most of the major teleports in the United States, to be able send your signal around the world.


Services that we offer include:

  • Technical Management
  • Crewing Management
  • Production Management
  • Transmission Management
  • Satellite Uplink management
  • Technical Consulting
  • Large scale video distribution
  • Large scale audio distribution
  • Internet over satellite management
  • Technology Upgrades - to HD, to 4K, facility wide audio upgrades, server management,  centralized control rooms, intercom over IP, specialized video/audio encoding for internet delivery, etc...

Please contact us if you have some specific technical or production challenges.
The kind of projects that - when your advanced technical personnel get stumped, throw up their hands, walk away with no where else to turn, that's the kind of projects we are really interested in!
Oh... your LIVE, the entire country is watching, and you're not allowed to make mistakes.
No Worries, we'll help you!!!

Give us a call (770) 329-5182.


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